Classic Training

Our Classic running program accommodates a variety of running paces and methodologies and includes both full- and half-marathon options.

All members train in the following ability-based pace groups:

  • Blue group: <8 minute/mile pace
  • Green group: 8-9 minute/mile pace
  • Yellow group: 9-10 minute/mile pace
  • Red group: 10 – 13:45 minute/mile pace
  • Purple group (runners and walkers): 13:45+ minute/mile pace

Training methodology

While most of our groups do train by continuously running the long distance mileage, some of our other groups train using the run/walk method. The duration of the run/walk intervals varies depending on participant goals, fitness levels, and pace. All running and walking is done at a conversational pace, which means that as members run or walk, they should be able to carry on a conversation. More intense running and walking will take place during hill training, speed workouts, races, marathons, and half-marathons.

For experienced athletes wanting a more vigorous training, USA FIT also offers two advanced training options.

Group meeting format

The general format of each Houston FIT weekend meeting is as follows:

  • Members participate in an organized training run or walk each Saturday morning with a group of runners or walkers of similar training paces. Each pace group’s starting time varies depending on the mileage scheduled for that morning.
  • After the day’s training run (generally around 8 a.m.), members receive a seminar on a training-related topic to teach concepts fundamental to the rigors of successful endurance training.
  • Free medical advice is available courtesy of Koala Health and Wellness every Saturday at the medical tree.
  • After the day’s seminar, there is always plenty of time for discussion among group members and additional instruction by coaches.
  • During the week, members complete their schedule of training runs or walks on their own or with other members of their group.
  • Once the group has built a sufficient training base, Houston FIT organized and supervised weekly hill training and speed workout sessions.  These will be in approximatey week 4 of your training program.