Our Sponsors

Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet SportsĀ is our program’s Retail Sponsor. Fleet FeetĀ provides knowledgeable seminar speakers to help educate our members on all of the necessary equipment and luxury items that will help make your training experience all the better. You will find they provide helpful assistance along with a large selection of shoes and fashionable and functional apparel.

Website: http://www.fleetfeethouston.com/
Email: info@fleetfeet.com

Koala Health & Wellness

Koala Health & Wellness Centers are state-of-the art facilities that integrate physical medicine, diagnostic testing, rehabilitation, chiropractic care and therapeutic massage to achieve the most effective results for all types of injuries. Their goal is not only to make you feel better, but to increase your strength, flexibility, and overall performance for life-long results that will enable you to perform at your greatest potential. Whether you are an athlete or someone suffering from a non-athletic injury, desiring a healthier lifestyle, or requiring rehab or preventative care, Koala is equipped to handle all of your needs.

Website: http://www.koalacenters.com


FuelBelt, Inc. is the world leader in hydration belts and accessories. Founded in 1997 by 7-time Ironman World Championship participant, Vinu Malik, FuelBelt continues to evolve to serve the needs of endurance athletes to provide real performance inspired gear.

FuelBelts have been used to break world records, set personal bests, and have even been used at the Olympic world stage, where every effort and every second counts.
With more than 100 products available, FuelBelt offers the most innovative and broadest collection of technical gear for runners, cyclists and triathletes in the world.

FuelBelt is the hydration brand of choice for USA Fit.

Website: http://www.fuelbelt.com
Email: info@fuelbelt.com