Advanced Training Options

Houston FIT offers a variety of programming for all ability levels, including absolute beginners. You can view our Classic training options here.

Our two types of advanced training options are:

ATP: Advanced Training Program

The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is designed specifically for experienced runners who want to a more rigorous training schedule. It is assumed that the ATP runner has been training regularly before they start the training and can run about 30 miles per week without much trouble before joining the program.

ATP emphasizes quality of miles over quantity. The schedule is flexible, but it contains a strong backbone — a progression through general, special, specific, and explosive strength training and an intense focus on the demands of marathon running. It attempts to create the largest-possible improvements in VO2 max, lactate-threshold running speed, running economy, and running-specific strength and power.

Participants in ATP will receive additional supplemental training materials and additional weekly exercises. This is a strenuous program if done correctly and because of that, each participant must remain aware of his or her personal physical limits.

ATP was designed by Dr. Owen Anderson, one of the foremost coaches and researchers in the field of running, in conjunction with USA FIT Founder, Denis Calabrese.

Team FIT

The Team FIT training program was designed for runners who want a more rigorous training program. This will require more consistency and commitment from the runner to be successful. The workouts will be longer and more intense, and anyone joining this program must have at least a three-month base in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • half marathon base: long run of 4-6 miles and the ability to run an additional 2-3 days a week (20-30 minutes/day) prior to the start of the season;
  • full marathon base: long run of 6-8 miles and the ability to run an additional 2-3 days a week (20-30 minutes/day) prior to the start of the season.

In addition to the weekend long run, Team FIT will offer two coached workouts during the week with a qualified and experienced coach. Members will also receive a Team FIT singlet along with the Houston FIT training shirt.