5/1 Training Group

The “run/walk training method” during long runs and in marathons is a strategic training method that is becoming more and more popular among new runners and veteran marathoners alike. New runners become acclimated to the long distances with much less leg fatigue and seasoned runners are finishing their runs much stronger and without slowing down at the end.

Walk breaks taken early in the run are beneficial because you switch between your running muscles and your walking muscles. This prevents the running muscles from being overused and will push back the onset of fatigue. There is less damage to the muscles which helps speed up the recovery.

There is also a mental benefit for taking walk breaks – knowing that you only have to run for 5 minutes before you can take a break, helps break down the mileage into small segments and gives you that mental edge to keep moving forward.

The Houston FIT 5/1 Group has coaches that run at both Yellow Group (9-10 minute) and Red Group (10 or slower) pace levels. Each coach wears watches that time the runs and the walks so it is easy to get into the rhythm of the run. Taking the walk breaks in small running groups also gives you the opportunity to meet the other runners and share the marathon training experience. In addition, coaches pace the group in many of the Marathon Warm-Up Series races and at the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Whether you are a first time marathoner or a veteran marathoner, you are invited to try the 5/1 training method with the Houston Fit 5/1 Group and see for yourself the benefits of this training.